This week, in spinning

I know I should be showing you a MOS wrap up, but I am saving it for later. It isn’t really that exciting, two pairs of socks, neither one complete. I’ll get them done, but in my own time.

Instead, I want to show you ALL the pretty spinning! With the strips on my loom being rather uninspiring, I’ve been spinning quite a bit again. I’ve got a lot of progress to show off!

First up is my study in green batt. It has been spun on my heavyweight trindle, and I love the resulting yarn. Of course I do! It is all shades of green, and as I was spinning this, I was thinking “Gee, I think I’ve done these colors before.” It reminded me so much of my Unicorn Barf cowl, out of the cram pot dyed rambo locks. The only thing missing was white and aztec gold. In any case, the border leicester and silk spun into a beautiful and even single, on the fuzzy side of course. I’d like to make this into a 2 ply, so my goal for the weekend is to make another study in green batt, spin it up on my trindle, and ply them together. I think that is an entirely doable goal for the weekend.


Then I’ve got my merino “fauxlag” project. I’ve been working on it for months, a couple weeks back I finished spinning the singles, but I never bothered to ply. I’ve finally begun. The colors are muted, the yarn thick and thin, but I am looking at it from the perspective of something I could use for a weft, and for that I really like it. It will make a nice soft scarf of some sort, and the colors will be muted and gentle but still interesting. I know, I am not far along but another goal for the weekend is to finish this.


Then there is the long, ongoing BFL project. Oh my gosh I am so tired of this project! 3 ply laceweight, remind me not to do THAT again, especially in something where there are only 2 colors to work with. My head spins every time I pick up the spindle on this one. I am insanely tired of it. However, according to the sample I plied, I do think it will end up a very nice looking yarn. You can see here that I still have quite a bit to go. I also have quite a bit spun up, and a little that is already yarn. This should give me hope, but it does not.


Finally, there’s vintage vespa. My loop bump, the first one I ever started. I put it away and spun 2 more loop bumps before going back to this one and finishing up. I’ll tell you what, this bump has suffered in many ways. The biggest way? The entire outside was felted from me bringing it here, there, and everywhere and not actually spinning on it. I also felt that a good place for a loop bump while spinning was under my arm. It worked great, but at some point I realized that my spinning movement was felting it badly. As of right now, the bit I have left is so felted it is hard to spin. It is possible I will call this one done, chain ply it, and save the last bit of the black for blending on the drum carder. OR, I may take the black, try to fix it with my hand cards and keep going. I am not sure, and I am letting it rest for a day or two in order to figure out just how far my determination goes on this particular project. I am very eager to have it done. Know why? Because next up is the jacob’s fleece and I am SO looking forward to that! I can’t wait to pull it all out, get a color gradient started, and spin it up! I think the fact that there are color changes is what makes the idea of spinning an entire fleece a lot easier to contemplate. I may be spinning a fleece, but it isn’t an overly large one and there are changes of color.



Stay tuned for either MOS final updates or…..a new skein of handspun!