Th’ Spinnin’ O’ the Green

I made a “Study in Green” batt, and spun it on my trindle. I then made another and spun that on my trindle because the first was so gorgeous. I plied them on my wheel yesterday, then washed the skein and hung it to dry JUST so I’d have some pretty green yarn to show off today. I suspect I’ll use this colorway again, making more of these batts and spinning a coordinating yarn. I love the colors and I think the border leicester paired with the silk just makes the skein shine. It plied rather beautifully too. While it is a semi solid, there will be some color blocks I believe. I muddied up the colors when spinning from the batt, rather than leaving stripes or a gradient. This one is another small skein, 73 yards. But, I’d say 4 or 5 more skeins like this and I’ll have enough for a lovely project.


Happy St. Patrick’s day all, rather than crafting, I’ll be out riding my bike.