More Spinning

I started my “fauxlag” project quite some time ago. It has basically been sitting at Jeremy’s house and I spin on the project only once in a great while. A week or so ago I finally finished all the singles. On Friday evening I was able to finish plying them. This is a 2 ply of thick and thin yarn. 269 yards. Making them into fauxlags really did muddy the colors quite a bit and make them a lot more muted. I really enjoyed this project even though it took me forever. The added bonus is that I spun them gently, and now plied back the yarn is very soft and squishy. Also bouncy and lofty. I picture this being used as a weft on the loom more than anything else.



Despite feeling like I haven’t gotten much finished lately, all my spinning work is paying off. All of a sudden I’ve got new yarn all over the house that needs to be plied and finished. I love that feeling!