A Finally Finished Object

I am struggling with the fact it often seems that I do not have any finished objects to show off these days. I know this is because my interests have veered off into other areas, but I am still a knitter after all! So it made me quite happy to realize that I finally had a finished pair of socks, more than a week before my mom’s arrival.



These are in her favorite basic sock pattern, Gentleman’s plain winter socks, from Vintage Socks. I made these nice and long, it was easy to do as the online sock yarn I was using is nice and thick. I love the fun bright colors on these, even though I expected them to stripe. I hope they hold up nicely for mom, since I am not knitting many socks these days.

7 thoughts on “A Finally Finished Object

    • Hah! While I say “No more socks, PLEASE, no more socks!”
      I get their appeal actually, but I think at this point I’d rather throw a spindle in my bag for those sock knitting moments.

      • I tend to cycle through what types of handknits I am working on. I wish a spindle was on the menu, but I still am not great with it. Fine on a wheel, but about all I can do with a spindle is drop it!

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