New Toy

I’ve always dreamed of having a golding spindle. But, as they are a bit pricier and I am new to the spindle spinning world, I had not yet had the opportunity to pick one up. However, I got my hands on one from a destash on Rav recently and it came in on Friday.

The wood is 5,000 year old russian bog oak. It is a 2 inch ring spindle, and the ring makes it so that it spins for a very long period of time, and very fast!



It was good timing on this one, as I’ve been so terribly bored of the green and lavender BFL project I can barely stand it.┬áThankfully, a new toy made it so I was interested in continuing the spin.



I managed to pack a fair amount on that spindle in two evenings of spinning. This is a spindle that has certainly found its forever home at my place.