Chameleon Colorworks BFL

I got this braid in a fiber club years ago. I believe it was in the first year of spinning and was one of my first fiber purchases. I didn’t love the color to pieces, so it sat in my fiber stash for far too long. When I really started spinning more often, I decided maybe I should pull it out and put it on a spindle and see what shook out. That was in October I believe. I do not know what possessed me to make a 3 ply laceweight yarn, but by the time I’d figured out that this was A Very Bad Idea full of angst and annoyance at the fiber, it was too late to do much about. Really, if anyone sees me post something about laceweight, holler at me! I will attempt to listen if I am not too far gone. I do believe though, that this is the end of my super fine laceweight spins and now I can get back to normal faster moving projects.

I’ve been saying “The end is in sight” since Tuesday. And each day I went home, spun the heck out of the fiber, and found that I was not yet done. For 2 days in a row I brought a spindle to work and spun through lunchtime. I don’t think I’ve ever done that before. But such was my motivation to finish. Finally, on Friday during lunch, I came to the end of the singles. And managed to also come down with a sore throat. So the desire to make my 3 ply yarn wasn’t really there either. Would the project never end? I mean, I’d only been dreaming of which fiber to pull out and put on which spindle ALL WEEK LONG! But, since I’d been quite insistent with myself that I could not pull out new fiber until the green and lavender BFL was done, I was out of luck.

Thankfully though, it DID get finished. I’ve got 538 yards of 3 ply laceweight now, and I have NO CLUE what to do with it. The fact is though, it is done and that is enough for me!