Spring! Or not….

Yesterday I mentioned that I refused to do any other spinning until that green/lavender BFL was done. That was a bit misleading, as I had dinner with Jeremy on Thursday. Since I didn’t have any other wool at his place, I decided to pull out something spring like. I chose a braid of BFL in bright colors. This is from Dyeabolical, it was part of a fiber club that involved pinks. I was skeptical of this at first, but I think that the yellow will make the pink more orange and the grey will tone it down, so I suspect once I 3 ply this it will be a lot more muted than it is. I have spun it all on my trindle SST so far.

So I began to spin on this Thursday evening, thinking of spring and easter and how much I am ready to have it warm enough to sit on my porch. I got quite an amazing amount done in a fairly short time! SO much so that I decided I needed to bring it home with me and continue with it, rather than leaving it to languish for weeks on end.

But, my hopes for spring were dashed with yet another snow. And along with the snow came a very winter like cold and cough for me. SUCH a bummer!


2 thoughts on “Spring! Or not….

  1. Sorry about the cough and cold!
    I had the opportunity to go help shear sheep tomorrow. By chance, this happens to be at one of the closest weaving supply shops to me. I was forced to bail. Merely because I was offered paying work I can’t afford to eschew.
    Much as I chose gainful employment over grabbing my cross country skiis and enjoying the first REAL snowfall we have had in years.
    Keep it up dear. You are an inspiration to all of us who are not as lucky.

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