Yesterday I mentioned that I’d spent about 2 weeks finishing up some projects that now felt like obligations while dreaming of what I could spin next. One of those things that I was just desperate to start was some Inglenook batts I had picked up a few weeks ago. The colorway just called to me, named “Crocus in the Snow.”

20130323-145658.jpg 20130324-110218.jpg

Aptly named really because it turns out I was spinning it at a time when spring snows are not quite gone yet.

May I quickly add that these are my first Inglenook batts. And they Are Amazing. An artsy batt that is so well processed that you can still spin finely on it and have an even yarn. They draft amazingly well and there are so many more colors than I’d even imagine in them. I intend to 3 ply these, which means I’ll have a semi solid in some absolutely gorgeous tones.

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