So those inglenook batts? The ones named “crocus in the snow?” They were as dreamy as I dreamed they would be and in no short amount of time I had my singles spun up on my support spindles.


So I snagged a picture of Crocus in the Snow in the snow. Then I decided I needed to make a 3 ply out of these. The colors really are not in any particular order, as it often happens with batts. I wasn’t sure if there really was any other way to make them look semi consistent. Once washed and finished, I ended up with 196 yards of a lovely 3 ply worsted weight yarn. This might be one of my all time favorite skeins to be honest, mostly because it was such a pleasure to spin from start to finish. I so often feel defeated by a project eventually, but I never felt anything but love for this one.


I haven’t picked up my knitting needles in over a week. I am dangerously close to being done with yet another skein of yarn, the pink/grey/yellow BFL from dyeabolical. It is just amazing how much spinning I can produce in a short time when I am not spinning laceweight and knitting in my other spare moments.