Shiny and Pink

OK ok, the pink in this dyeabolical braid really is overpowering! I still believe it will tone down, but since I have not yet started plying, it is hard to imagine. I am just on the finishing end of spinning these singles now and hope to have another fresh skein of yarn done this weekend. I am eager to see what it turns out like as I have very few preconceived notions of how this one will look, besides knowing it will be randomly striped. While it is shockingly pink, it also appeals to me somehow and spinning something so bright appeals to my desire to see the spring. I may just have to pull out another skein of spring like colors after this. I keep imagining I’ll be spinning my jacob fleece on my wheel shortly, but thus far the weather hasn’t been conducive to porch spinning, nor have I been able to spend time with other friends in social situations, where I do the majority of my work on the wheel.