Happy Easter, Happy Spring!

We’ve had a couple days of actual spring like weather recently. Today is a bit cooler and windy, but not cold, and sunnier than you can even imagine!

In honor of the holiday and the feel of spring, I pulled out a braid of dyeabolical polworth/silk top I had in my stash.


I decided I was going to spin it on support spindles in a much thicker than normal fashion. That took me a little over 24 hours. Once that was done, I decided to chain ply it for two reasons, the first being that I felt the color changes were so intense they should be preserved. The second being that I wanted a nice thick chunky yarn and this would be a quick way to achieve that. It is only 104 yards, but what can you expect with such a chunky yarn!


Chunky spinning achievement unlocked.

6 thoughts on “Happy Easter, Happy Spring!

  1. I would love to see a post – if you haven’t written one already — on where you like to get your fiber. Physically where you buy as well as what dyers are your favourite — I am so inspired by your work, it makes me want to get my wheel out!

    • I would LOVE to do that! And I will do so, look for a post…Wednesday.

      I find spring to be my favorite time of the year to spin. I love the fresh air, pulling my wheel out to the porch and spinning while watching the neighborhood “wake up” after winter. It gives me a chance to talk to people in my neighborhood, people I’ve barely seen all winter. So…pull your wheel out for spring!

      • Yay! I will keep my eyes peeled for the post – I can’t wait! I must confess, I am terrified to bring my wheel outdoors in fear it will be harmed somehow. I have recently started storing it upstairs though – atop my dresser! I have a very small house & a big, young dog so keeping it safe has been a priority. Hoping keeping it in view will help keep me going though!

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