Chameleon Colorworks BFL

I got this braid in a fiber club years ago. I believe it was in the first year of spinning and was one of my first fiber purchases. I didn’t love the color to pieces, so it sat in my fiber stash for far too long. When I really started spinning more often, I decided maybe I should pull it out and put it on a spindle and see what shook out. That was in October I believe. I do not know what possessed me to make a 3 ply laceweight yarn, but by the time I’d figured out that this was A Very Bad Idea full of angst and annoyance at the fiber, it was too late to do much about. Really, if anyone sees me post something about laceweight, holler at me! I will attempt to listen if I am not too far gone. I do believe though, that this is the end of my super fine laceweight spins and now I can get back to normal faster moving projects.

I’ve been saying “The end is in sight” since Tuesday. And each day I went home, spun the heck out of the fiber, and found that I was not yet done. For 2 days in a row I brought a spindle to work and spun through lunchtime. I don’t think I’ve ever done that before. But such was my motivation to finish. Finally, on Friday during lunch, I came to the end of the singles. And managed to also come down with a sore throat. So the desire to make my 3 ply yarn wasn’t really there either. Would the project never end? I mean, I’d only been dreaming of which fiber to pull out and put on which spindle ALL WEEK LONG! But, since I’d been quite insistent with myself that I could not pull out new fiber until the green and lavender BFL was done, I was out of luck.

Thankfully though, it DID get finished. I’ve got 538 yards of 3 ply laceweight now, and I have NO CLUE what to do with it. The fact is though, it is done and that is enough for me!






Vintage Vespa

How happy am I to be done with this? I can’t even tell you. How long does it take to make 3 ply laceweight? I can’t really tell you that either, but I started back in November. I’ve spun quite a few other things in the meantime, including two other loop bumps. But the majority of my spinning has been a bit thicker than this. I’ve been chain plying this steadily for the past 3 days and it has done a number on my already somewhat sore wrists. I was just SO desperate to get it finished!

I was worried at one point that this yarn would be wiry, with all the twist I was putting in it to hold the very thin singles together. But it is as soft as can be, a testament to some really nice fiber to start out with. When I first received the color, I was not quite sure how I felt about it. But, then I saw someone weave with this colorway and it was so pretty. I am inspired to give that a try myself.

Yardage for this project? A pretty amazing 828 yards.


New Toy

I’ve always dreamed of having a golding spindle. But, as they are a bit pricier and I am new to the spindle spinning world, I had not yet had the opportunity to pick one up. However, I got my hands on one from a destash on Rav recently and it came in on Friday.

The wood is 5,000 year old russian bog oak. It is a 2 inch ring spindle, and the ring makes it so that it spins for a very long period of time, and very fast!



It was good timing on this one, as I’ve been so terribly bored of the green and lavender BFL project I can barely stand it. Thankfully, a new toy made it so I was interested in continuing the spin.



I managed to pack a fair amount on that spindle in two evenings of spinning. This is a spindle that has certainly found its forever home at my place.


Monthly Fleece Club

This month I got icelandic fleece. This is a first for me, seeing something in person that is dual coated.



The dual coated fleece have tog, the longer more wiry outer coat and thel, the undercoat which is much finer and softer.



I’d heard it is fairly easy to separate them if you care to do so, by simply grabbing the tog and the base of the lock. I found that to be the case.



I think for this one I will separate them as this is all new to me and I want to see how each one spins up. However, I’ve heard you can just card it all together and end up with a strong but scratchier yarn. Maybe next time.


A Finally Finished Object

I am struggling with the fact it often seems that I do not have any finished objects to show off these days. I know this is because my interests have veered off into other areas, but I am still a knitter after all! So it made me quite happy to realize that I finally had a finished pair of socks, more than a week before my mom’s arrival.



These are in her favorite basic sock pattern, Gentleman’s plain winter socks, from Vintage Socks. I made these nice and long, it was easy to do as the online sock yarn I was using is nice and thick. I love the fun bright colors on these, even though I expected them to stripe. I hope they hold up nicely for mom, since I am not knitting many socks these days.

More Spinning

I started my “fauxlag” project quite some time ago. It has basically been sitting at Jeremy’s house and I spin on the project only once in a great while. A week or so ago I finally finished all the singles. On Friday evening I was able to finish plying them. This is a 2 ply of thick and thin yarn. 269 yards. Making them into fauxlags really did muddy the colors quite a bit and make them a lot more muted. I really enjoyed this project even though it took me forever. The added bonus is that I spun them gently, and now plied back the yarn is very soft and squishy. Also bouncy and lofty. I picture this being used as a weft on the loom more than anything else.



Despite feeling like I haven’t gotten much finished lately, all my spinning work is paying off. All of a sudden I’ve got new yarn all over the house that needs to be plied and finished. I love that feeling!