Shiny Silk

The last time I spun silk hankies, years ago, I had a 2 ply laceweight yarn with a ton of texture. And I hated it. I ended up giving it away. And since then I have worked with silk hankies, but never spun them. With the recent spindle spinning obsession, I decided to again try my hand at silk hankies. And since it is the year of spinning thickly, my desire is to spin these up fairly thick, and either leave them as a single or chain ply them into a bulky 3 ply yarn.



I bought 3 stacks of hankies in colors which were similar but not the same. One is a blue with brown, one is shades of blue, and the third is blue with green. They will all look perfectly lovely together and with one color changing into the next it should make a gradient yarn. The yarn is still uneven, as silk hankies are. But, it is also a lot thicker than my first silk hankie spinning attempt and the colors shine beautifully!

I have a stack of undyed hankies hanging around and part of me wonders if maybe I should dye them in a coordinating color to make the resulting yarn go even further.