Dyeabolical Batts

There was this dyeabolical fiber club, long ago. Even longer ago than the pink club that I recently spun a braid from. I actually only remember 2 out of what I think was 3 fibers from that club. In this case, I pulled out two very pretty blue batts from that club. They are batts which have both light and dark blue, and they are well blended and smooth. So, I decided on a 2 ply. I have been trying to work these toward a gradient, starting with the light, pulling strips off, moving toward the darker blue. When done with the first batt, I’ll remove the fiber from my Neal Brand spindle and start with the lighter colors again on the same spindle. Hopefully this will give me a fairly even 2 ply gradient moving from light to dark blue once plied. I think these colors are just gorgeous. Being a more solid colored spin, they don’t thrill me to pieces like a bunch of changing colors do, but they have been a pleasure to spin and that makes up for my rather ADD need for new colors at quick intervals. And if I am honest, I often prefer the resulting yarn if it is a semi solid spin.