More Woven Strips

For the past month or so, my loom has been dedicated solely to making strips of woven material with an overall red theme. The nature of this will be revealed a bit more in time, but for now I get a chance to show off an additional two strips created this weekend.



The one on the left was created by Bug and me. We did it on our own over a few weekends. Then Saturday I warped the loom again for the strip on the right. I had some friends over, and at least 3 of them created the woven strip on the right. The only thing I did for that one was warp the loom and then take it back off the loom. I also had help measuring the warp for two more strips which is great because my least favorite part of weaving is working with the warping board.

The added bonus to having allowed others to use my loom, beyond not having to create yet another red strip myself, was that I am pretty sure I may have pushed two of those people over the edge toward learning to weave. That was fun! Actually, most of my fun toys were in use Saturday evening, from my drum carder to my spindles to the loom, warping board, and bobbin winder. I really should do that more often!

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