Using a niddy noddy twice in one day

On Sunday I managed to finish two skeins of yarn. Which led to the realization that using the niddy noddy twice in one day makes for an awesome day.

Since the weather has gotten a bit warmer, I’ve actually been spinning on my wheel. I love to wheel spin outdoors and I love to wheel spin in social settings. It is rare I pull out the wheel otherwise. With the warmer weather, my jacob fleece gradient project is in progress. I finished the first skein, which is an all dark skein. I’ve got one more batt of dark to spin into singles, and then I can start adding some lighter color. This is a 3 ply worsted weight and there are only 106 yards. However, those yards are super light and fluffy as I spun them woolen. This 106 yards almost completely filled my 4 oz bobbin. My big observation about this spin? I think trying to actively spin that which is not comfortable for me is making me a better and more consistent spinner. This is probably the most consistent worsted weight I’ve ever created, and I am very proud of it. I love how the dark color is so dark. Not chocolately at all, but just a real dark bitter brown.


Then on the complete opposite end of the spectrum, I finished my SpinCulture art batt. I left it as a single as things would get a bit too insane if I plied. I enjoyed this spin, but I think my next SpinCulture batt will have to be corespun again. While corespun and this are both rather crazy, I like the fat corespun result better than this. However, I think this will make quite a serviceable weft on a weaving project. Of this I have 176 yards.


Stay tuned as I’ve actually been doing some serious knitting recently. I know I know, you are surprised! But I am out of the huge knitting funk I was in and I’ve got a good portion of a project to show for it.






2 thoughts on “Using a niddy noddy twice in one day

  1. This could be my favorite quote of the day: “Which led to the realization that using the niddy noddy twice in one day makes for an awesome day.” Love it!!

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