Shawl Candy

So, my friend Sparkeespud made this Zuzu’s petals cowl out of her handspun. And I fell in love with it. It is gentle and beautiful and I figured my pink toned BFL 3 ply from dyeabolical would work very well. The yardage was correct and I thought the colors might look very nice. I was concerned though, about my lack of knitting mojo. While I did manage to struggle with the beginning of the lace section, tearing back a number of times, once I got started it went pretty quickly. This led me to comment to Sparkeespud on Monday that the cowl is like shawl candy. All the wonderful elements of shawl knitting packaged in a quicker project. It is very sweet. The problems starting the lace section were to be expected since anything besides garter or stockinette stitch is currently giving me fits. Odd that, since I’ve always managed the most challenging of stitches. Not lately. But, my persistence paid off and I think it has given me the confidence I need to do a bit more knitting now and again.



I am a few rows from being done now. See? Shawl candy.

3 thoughts on “Shawl Candy

  1. I estimated my yardage for that skein to be 220 yards. The pattern calls for 150-220 yards. I am so close to being done and I have a TON of yarn left over. I love when I don’t spend the entire project stressing over yarn amounts!

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