Raw Fleece Samples

So, I’ve been grabbing up some raw fleece samples to wash and experiment with. Some will get dyed and blended on a drum carder and some will get spun into various yarn for warp on the loom. I figured as I have the opportunity to wash, I will also take pictures of the raw sample and then the washed sample for comparisons. Since these are sample sized, I can get quite a few done in an evening since using various buckets and containers in the house works well. I have learned that though everyone talks about high grease fleece being tough to clean, I’ll take a clean high grease fleece over a dirty low grease fleece any day!


20130408-171646.jpg 20130413-135119.jpg

Racka (Check out the dual coat on that!)

20130408-171651.jpg 20130413-135113.jpg

Navajo Churro (This was the one that was particularly dirty!)

20130409-074756.jpg 20130413-135107.jpg


20130409-074802.jpg 20130413-135125.jpg



I love the comparison photos because they really do show how clean a fleece can get in a short time.

So tell me, if any of you are of the type that enjoys fleece processing, what has been your dirtiest fleece and how did you come by it? I’d love to hear of experiences with rarer fleece as well. The racka is such a novelty for me I am not quite sure what to do with it, and I’ve got at least 3 more samples of the stuff.