Unexpected results

I’ve had this braid of merino top from Chameleon Colorworks for years and years. Some of my very first fiber from my very first fiber club. It is in shades of olive greens, not particularly variegated, and I never particularly liked it. Since I’d made super short work of the last braid I took to Jeremy’s house, I needed a new braid and I chose the old green braid simply because I thought maybe it would be a way to get it done without hating the process. I also felt that the top was so old it was compacted and I wasn’t figuring it would spin particularly well or evenly. I expected a bit of frustration.

Much to my surprise, this was not the case at all! It was not compacted even though it looked that way. It drafted beautifully, and spinning it on my trindle SST is not only fast but quite a joy. It makes a nice even thin single that I am enjoying very much. While I wasn’t much impressed with the colors in the braid, as I spun them I realized that they are quite beautiful after all, and in a 3 ply this will make a lovely, well blended semi solid color. Again, unexpected result.



I also think my trindle SST and I are making very fine friends. I used to say it was my least favorite spindle but at this point I like it as much as any other spindle I’ve got in my spindle stash. Not every tool is comfortable immediately, some take time and use to get to that comfortable spot.