What Fun!

I had a couple entries in a SpinCulture contest on Rav, and happened to win one. The contest I won was for a SpinCulture texture pack, of which I chose one called Orion Nebula. The point of the texture pack is to get a number of blending fibers, and I was quite excited about this because I can use it to make my own fun textured batts on my drum carder. My pack included angelina, bfl, merino, firestar, silk noil, silk threads, tussah silk, and wensleydale locks. While I’ve seen these texture packs pictured with a spindle, I didn’t read very well and didn’t realize I was actually getting a spindle. So not only was winning the texture pack quite exciting, I also got the additional excitement of something unexpected.



Isn’t that just pretty? Check out SpinCulture on Etsy, I’ve been using that shop for my fun and crazy art batt spinning. I am extremely pleased with the shop and the service, and the contest was a lovely added bonus!