Lizard Ridge Strip #3

I am truly amazed to report that I now have the third strip of Lizard Ridge blanket complete. For a gal who really hasn’t been knitting much, this feels like quite an accomplishment. I have one block of the fourth strip done as well. I’ll have a new blanket just in time….for wam weather. Of course. I do believe I have all the yarn needed for the blocks, but then I need to figure out what to do about the edging. I am toying with the idea of doing an applied icord edging as the suggested crochet edging looks far too delicate for a blanket of this sort to me. If I do that, I can just use more noro kureyon, and it really doesn’t matter what color.



The applied icord edging doesn’t give me much cause for pause really, I know I’ll get into a groove and it will just happen. The blocking of the 4 strips and the seaming them all together however….well that makes me catch my breath at the thought of it. Would it be the seaming or the icord that sounded like the worst project if you were the creator of this blanket?