Saxon Merino

In my merino breeds fleece of the month club I received Saxon. I hadn’t done a thing with it except look at it and fall in love with the color and the super softness of it. Over last weekend though, I decided I needed to flick card it. My last experience attempting to drum card the delaine made me hesitant to put a particularly fine wool through the less than fine drum carder again, so spinning from the lock would have to do. And it turns out, it worked perfectly. I am telling you this saxon is amazing stuff. Really. It is as silky as can be, and unlike the rambo, it doesn’t spring back on itself constantly. It is making quite a fine fairly even single and I am enjoying the experience quite a bit, though it is slow going.


I am really unsure of how I will ply this once it is done. For now, just spinning the singles and waiting for inspiration will have to do.