Super Fluff

So, my little wool samples all dry in the bathroom. While I was in there, I was looking at the grey corriedale and thinking “Where have I seen that exact color before?” Then I remembered the 4 oz. of Romney I had gotten in the longwool offering of the Between Ewe and Me fiber club. Same lovely grey, and I’d already flick carded those romney locks. I wondered how I could incorporate the two fibers, and I got the brilliant idea to drum card them both together. I figured it would take 2 batts, so I divided out each fiber just by eyeballing the amounts, and threw it on the drum carder. I am telling you it may have taken me all of 15 minutes to make two of the BIGGEST fluffiest batts I’ve ever seen. Seriously. The fiber was so well prepared that I only had to run each batt through twice and there was no real problem with feeding that fiber in. What a joy they were to make and they turned out even more amazing than I expected. So of course I had to spin one. Then I grabbed a picture of my largest spindle and the batt so you could get the perspective of just HOW huge those batts were.


This is just amazing for my relatively small drum carder!

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