Knitting Content

Awhile back I had a braid of UGLY dyed merino. I dyed it myself, so no excuses. Anyone who dyes knows that sometimes things just don’t work as expected. I also had a braid of tussah silk I just wasn’t interested in, colorwise. I blended them. And together they were so much prettier than on their own. Then I spun the batts, and plied them with the remainder of the silk. Oh how I loved that yarn, the color, the texture, the softness, and the transformation. However, I wanted something simple due to the textured yarn, and something that would be next to the skin, considering the extreme softness of the yarn. Enter my current cowl obsession. I chose the Muji Painting cowl because of its extreme simplicity. I figured that any texture in the yarn would be best served that way. However, it is a ton of stockinette. Not that I am upset about it, this seems to be all my brain is capable of knitting lately. I am throwing in details when the stockinette gets too boring though, so it will have a bit more detail than the pattern indicates.