Like Castonitis

I don’t really struggle with castonitis. Not anymore. I don’t do enough knitting to struggle with it. In fact, I’d say I have finishitupitis if I’ve got anything at all. I don’t do enough knitting and because of that, nothing gets finished fast enough for me to want to cast on new things. I am learning to be very zen about that. Even going so far as to prolong projects for added enjoyment. Or knitting on something not because it will be done soon and I can wear it, but because I enjoy the feel or look of the yarn itself.

That being said, all the angst, anxiety, and studiousness I used to put into knitting projects goes into my spinning now. I want to start all the fiber, I want to spin and finish things daily. I want even the thinnest spun yarns to go super fast. I want to spin in my spare moments and when I don’t get to, I feel like I’ve failed. Seriously, this is just how I used to feel about knitting. It is a drive to complete that is so unnecessary and yet seems to just be a part of me.

In all honesty, this is a drive I’ve seen in myself when it comes to cycling too. I am so focused on going farther, faster, or getting up that one last hill that I rarely look up, look around, an enjoy the view. That’s a bit sad. While I bike for me and no one else, I should also remember that I can view it as an enjoyable experience, looking at the various sights around me and slowing down just a bit. I do believe that needs to be my goal in both cycling and spinning this year. Settle down, slow down, take a deep breath, enjoy what I am doing, enjoy the view, and remember that no one needs me to get there any faster than I do.

I started some JulieSpins Merino Silk. The colors are so rich and gorgeous that even though they have no sparkly bits added, the silk seems to make it sparkle on its own. And on my Amber Trindle SST, it looks even more glorious, the amber crystals being a lovely contrast to the rich blue fiber. I am spinning this quite thin and enjoying every moment of it. Which means while it has been on the spindle for awhile now, I am taking it slow and so I haven’t bothered to photograph it until now.


I am also enjoying my trindle SST. I know I’ve mentioned it before, but this spindle style keeps growing on me, proving that my spindle likes and dislikes are fluid. Now if only I could get a good handle on my Russian spindle!

3 thoughts on “Like Castonitis

  1. What an awesome post. Three years ago, my hubs had a near fatal crash when we were cycling. Up until that point, we were both guilty of moving through life so fast that we didn’t have time to really enjoy it. The crash was so bad he fractured part of his skull behind his right ear and ended up with permenant hearing loss on that side. Since then we have stayed active, but because we enjoy being outside…not to conquer the next adventure. Ironically, I started spinning again shortly after his crash. We’ve changed our pace, and in that, found life to be even more amazing. Thanks for posting your thoughts..very profound and gave me a chance to reflect.

    • Thank you Leah, for your comment and your story. It solidifies my goals. Life is already too short, which might be part of the reason I am prone to rushing. However, there is no gain in making it shorter.

      Last night I went on a long bike ride. I spent time with friends, I yarn bombed bike racks around town (more on that later) and once it got dark, I enjoyed watching the HUGE full moon rise over the trees while on the trail. I could also see the blessed signs of spring all around me, and after a very long winter, that alone was a treat.

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