More Fleece

From my Between Ewe and Me fiber club shipment, shetland fleece. I love how this has two distinct colors. This is, as far as I know, my last fiber club fiber, as I don’t see a new club up and running right now.


Then there are the 2 samples I washed recently.


20130424-134917.jpg 20130424-134906.jpg

Border Leicester:

20130424-134912.jpg 20130424-164634.jpg

I actually washed the border leicester, decided it wasn’t quite clean enough, let it soak a few days and washed again. The water ran clear and I do not believe that the soak took any more dirt out than had happened in the initial wash. I do believe anything else will have to be flick carded out.

Fleece washing is so odd, I look at most fleece and don’t figure it is particularly dirty. And then….once washed I can finally see just how dirty it was.

I have more samples floating around, Racka, Shetland and Navajo Churro. Maybe I will get around to that this weekend. I also have a pound of Wenslydale waiting to be washed, about 8 oz. of CVM Romeldale, and more Corriedale.