I seem to have gotten myself in another spinning bind. Meaning, I’ve got two active projects, both which are being spun into laceweight singles. So the spinning is going super slow, making me feel like nothing is getting accomplished. Meanwhile, I keep dreaming of my fiber stash and wanting to start something new. Compounding this issue is the fact that I feel I don’t have anything new or interesting to post on the blog. Then I really start dreaming of pulling out something new!

I remembered, I had started something new awhile back and I never got a picture of it. And it isn’t quite laceweight singles. I bought these lovely corgi hill lush batts awhile back, being drawn to their rich color. I started spinning them on my little golding bog oak spindle, but that spindle is best used for something lighter and it wasn’t going that well. I balled up what was on the spindle the other day, set it all aside, and forgot about it.

Last night, realizing I really needed to be able to work on something besides plain brown saxon wool, I remembered the lush batts, pulled them out, and started spinning the remainder on my neal brand tibetan. It went much better than the bog oak spindle. I didn’t get much done as by the time I figured all this out it was getting late. But it was just what I needed.