Yarn Bombs!

As you may recall, over the past few months I, with the help of friends, have created 6 woven strips of fabric. These were created for a yarn bomb bike ride which took place on Thursday evening last week. We planned quite a bit in one evening, a whiskey tasting, the yarn bombing, and a long bike ride with a picnic. At some point we realized we had overshot the amount we were trying to do in one evening, so in the end, out of 6 strips, only 3 were installed. We will follow up with additional installation at some other point. Ideally on another bike ride.

As I mentioned, I had quite a bit of help. I ended up doing 4 strips myself. I did the warping for the other two as well, but Bug, as well as a couple friends helped with the weaving, bobbin winding, and even measuring the warp. In order to get a little help with this, I planned an evening of food and fiber fun at my house, where I captured a shot of this husband and wife team working on my loom.




We then did the first installation the evening of the ride.



With one bike rack bombed, and more riders showing up, we gathered for a whiskey tasting and then set off to another 2 locations. This is where other cyclists got to participate with sewing on the strips.

yarnbomb4 yarnbomb2


I was so grateful for all the help, and we had good fun doing it.

yarnbomb3 20130430-091510.jpg


Hopefully we will be able to get the next 3 installed in the near future. Now there are 3 bike racks in downtown Omaha that help create happy bikes. And more to come.



Now I just need to get inspired about weaving again. While I love these yarn bombs, the creating of them kind of sucked the life out of weaving for me. I blame red heart. Hopefully a quiet weekend and an exciting project will allow me to get inspired all over again.

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