Welcome Back!

So, up until yesterday, my only local girlfriend who aslo actively blogs has been Sparkeespud. It’s been a lot of fun following her blog while at the same time knowing her in person. Sometimes I have the opportunity to know a little more than she’s telling her readers in a post, and sometimes I learn something from the blog I can ask her about in person. Keeping up with blog and personal life is rather a fun thing to do. I like it, and often wish that more of my girlfriends blogged.

And this weekend? One more of my girlfriends began blogging again after a long hiatus. I now get the opportunity to enjoy another local girlfriend’s blog and I am quite excited. So if you get a chance, welcome Maryfargo back to the blogosphere!

Now on to more bloggy type things. Today was my once a month meet up with local knitters. I generally bring my wheel because I love social wheel spinning. Despite being at the beginning of a jacob fleece gradient project, I decided I needed a little color in my life.

I pulled out a lovely gradient braid of fiber I got from a destash. The Fiber is Glam from Twisted Fiber Art, and the colorway is Firefly. Fiber content is 30% bamboo rayon, 60% superwash merino, and 10% nylon. Now, while I often say there isn’t hard fiber to spin, just spinner preference, I find bamboo and tencel blends tough to spin. They are slippery for me, and they rarely spin as thin as I tend to spin. Which means I end up with something fairly thick and thin, because I’ve tried to force a fiber into submission by my will. It never works that well.


Since I am spinning thicker this year, rather than forcing the bamboo blend into a super thin yarn, I tried to let it spin to the thickness it wanted to be at and then attempted consistency from there.

It spun up fairly quickly , I am through the yellow and the greener tone, and on to the charcoal grey. May I add that the yellow/grey combination is one of my absolute favorites. I don’t know why. I just find those tones together so soft and comforting.

That being said, if I give this a little more of my time, I suspect I could have a new skein of yarn in fairly short order!


3 thoughts on “Welcome Back!

    • You know, it was the yellow/grey combo from your zuzu’s petals spin that made me insist I must spin this one now. I’d gone back through your blog, saw it yet again, fell in love yet again, and decided I needed to work on my yellow to grey gradient.

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