Dryer Balls

I have to tell you a story about yesterday. Yesterday I began a project I’ve been considering for quite some time. Felted dryer balls out of handspun yarn. I had this post all ready to go and I was absolutely positive that Sparkeespud had made felted dryer balls before, and I truly believed that was where I got the idea. So my intention was to link back to her post on the subject.

I started to look back through her blog, looking for the felted dryer balls. I looked farther and farther back and never could find it. I found a bunch of other awesome posts and projects I’d spaced, but I couldn’t find those darned felted dryer balls.

I then gave up and emailed her. I figured she could pull up the post and send me the link so I could link back to it. And that was when she told me she’d never made felted dryer balls! I had to laugh, can’t be a bad thing to have such clever friends that you attribute clever projects back to them in your mind, right?

So whichever of you dear people who posted about felted dryer balls, I thank you. I made one yesterday out of handspun.

And now I can actually begin my regularly scheduled blog post. I decided on handspun for my felted dryer balls, as I’ve become such an avid spinner now that I no longer stress over leftover handspun. I thought this would be a fun way to commemorate handspun without the stress of trying to figure out what to do with it.

I had leftover from my zuzu’s petals cowl, the pink/grey/yellow bfl. I decided to use that. I wound the yarn in a way I hoped would show off the colors as well as possible. Then I tucked the end into the middle of the dryer ball with an embroidery needle.



As I’d just done a great bedroom clean out and rearrangement, I was able to easily locate an old pair of nylons I no longer needed, and I cut the legs off those. I stuffed the yarn ball in the toe and knotted it up, cutting off the excess.



I threw that into the laundry on hot with sheets and towels, then tossed it in the dryer immediately after.

It turned out like this:



It is even, and slightly felted. And very pretty. In fact, I am having a hard time imagining using it as a dryer ball. Maybe just make a few more and keep them in a clear vase? I don’t think it felted down enough though. As most of my felting projects take two or three trips through the washer to really felt well, it may just have to go through another cycle. But, it was an interesting little project for a busy Saturday.

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