The Weekend Agenda

Disclaimer-I meant to post this on Friday. Looking at it now, I realize I really didn’t get a whole lot of my list done! Let’s see if I can use the Sunday evening to draw it all to completion!

I’ve got projects nearing completion on both the knitting and spinning front.

I’ve got my lush batts, which I started plying yesterday. These are a light and bouncy 2 ply and I am really loving how this yarn looks with its almost tweediness.


Then I’ve got this shawl I’ve been working on FOREVER. Or, should I say, not working on forever. I put it into hibernation for my seeming inability to read a pattern. I finally pulled it out and took it to work. It has had about 4 days of work at the office, and that brought it close enough to completion that I felt it necessary to bring it back home this weekend to finish it off. It will be pleasant to have a large finished object on the knitting front.


I’ve also got the twisted fiber art gradient to ply. And potentially fleece to wash. I certainly need to make a trip to purchase plants, as Monday will be garden work evening.

And then there is my full weekend of cycling. Both rides I plan to attend this weekend are women’s rides. Being that it seems I mostly end up in a group of cyclists who are predominately male, this will be most pleasant as well as a fitting tribute to a mother’s day weekend.

All in all, it should be a nice full weekend!

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