Well Duh!

From the moment I finished the dyeabolical blue gradient yarn, I could think of only one thing.

20130512-204930.jpg 20130413-135137.jpg

That the colors of the gradient closely resemble the colors on the label of my favorite beer.

So when I thought about using that yarn, I kept thinking it might be fun to weave it, using the gold color from the label as the warp.

And when I say I kept thinking…I mean that I couldn’t get it out of my head. I would consider heading to the yarn shop and trying to find the perfect color gold yarn. Or I would look online for yarn that might be the right color. I’ve been telling myself this for a month now.

Saturday I finished a skein of yarn. Corgi Hill Farms lush batts. I ended up with a 240 yard skein of yarn in about a sport weight. I hung it up to dry in the bathroom. The next morning I walked in the bathroom, and only then, despite having spun on this yarn for quite some time now, did it dawn on me that I already *had* gold yarn to compliment the blue gradient.



I’d been spinning it all along!


2 thoughts on “Well Duh!

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