Lemony goodness!

I am not one who loves sweets. You can put commercial candy in front of me and I won’t even think about touching it. It just doesn’t tempt me much. This applies to most store bought sweets as well. I’d rather eat a bag of potato chips or make biscuits and gravy.

Unless I am faced with a sweet dessert which is a homemade confection. Particularly if it is dark chocolate and wonderfully rich.

But somewhere in my adulthood I realized something else. For me, the one thing that trumps a good dark chocolate homemade dessert is a lemon dessert. Paired with coffee preferably. I just love lemon! I add it to many dishes I make, even the savory ones. But a lemon dessert is really my greatest temptation.

A few years ago I remember walking through a fancy department store and it seemed everywhere I looked, I saw a new sweater pairing lemon yellow and grey. And I loved it. That color combination really spoke to me somehow. I doubt it is even a color combination I’d look good in, but I still love it. It looks so bright and happy to me.

When I saw the Twisted Fiber Art glam gradient in those same colors, it was instantly irresistible. And one I had it in my possession  I couldn’t wait to spin it!

One chain plied gradient completed in short order. Yarn is worsted weight, and I’ve got 145 yards. Just gorgeous!



It reminds me of delicious desserts and pretty sweaters and spring. I’ll call that success.

Are you sweet or savory? And which color combinations do you find irresistible?

13 thoughts on “Lemony goodness!

  1. I like taste in general (as opposed to bland). I do have a sweet tooth (cakes mainly), but also like salt, spicy and even bitter. Lemon, yes!

    For colour combinations my eye always seems drawn to blue and orange. Not necessarily in clothes, but art, nature and even yarn.

    • I love bitter flavors! I don’t remember a time when I did not. Sounds like you enjoy strong flavors and strong colors. 🙂

  2. I find it hard to pass up anything freshly baked, especially dessert. Great combination of colors…lemon yellow and grey.

    • Oh thank you! I came across a youtube that changed everything for me a few years back, I should see if I can find it for you. In addition to that, my trick is to do it very very slow.

      • I would love that link if you can find it – thank you! And everything I do in spinning is slow — I may make record books for slowest spinner ever!

      • I got it! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JmlwtojLXI8
        I don’t know why this one changed things for me, and I can’t say I do exactly this, but fairly close.

        I used to approach chain plying as something I needed to get done. Actually, I approached plying in general this way. Once I considered it a separate and worthy spinning activity, I got much better at it. That and a ton of experimentation. Slow is good if it gets you the results you want!

      • Thank you so much! This looks way more organized than what I’ve been doing & is explained much better! I can’t wait to try it!

        I used to approach *all* plying like something that needed to get done & something I could speed through. When I made the same shift you mentioned — seeing it as a separate part of the process — and started taking my time, the results have been so much better!

        Some day I hope to get faster, but I am not making that my objective. I figure like with knitting (or anything else), speed comes with experience & skill. 🙂

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