Dyeabolical Rolags All Spun Up

Due to the pink and purple toned rolags being a color combo I wasn’t sure was going to go well together if striping, and being that I had so many colors in a small amount of singles, I decided to make a 4 ply for this yarn. I must say, it worked out very well in this case. I love that the brights were all toned down with the addition of the darker purple throughout the skein. While it didn’t seem like there was all that much sparkle in the rolags themselves, the entire skein does have quite a bit of sparkle in it, and it looks evenly distributed, rather than all clumpy.

All in all, while I was quite hesitant awhile ago about rolags from blending boards, I am officially sold on them. Not sold enough to purchase a blending board, but sold enough to want to spin rolags from a board. I really enjoyed the experience, they drafted out so nicely with my support spindles, and the resulting yarn is quite interesting.

I ended up with 145 yards of 4 ply yarn. I’d say it is a fingering to sport weight yarn.

20130518-072140.jpg IMG_1200 20130507-163144.jpg


Good stuff!

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