The Latest Fiber on the Wheel

After finishing the lemony gradient, I made the decision to remove and spin anything in my stash that I truly disliked spinning. This, for the most part, includes bamboo and tencel blends. Thankfully, once I looked through my stash, I realized I only have 2. One a tencel blend and the other a bamboo blend. The one I chose first is Chameleon Colorworks, and I’ve had it in my stash since 2007 or 2008. It is high time to spin it anyhow!


In braid form, I actually didn’t realize, in all these years, that there is some green in there! It is almost entirely hidden by the label. So, actually spinning this has been a bit of a surprise, colorwise. Though not irritation wise, quite frankly.

While I always tell people that there is no “hard’ fiber to spin (with perhaps the exception of dryer lint or dust bunnies, but that hardly counts) I do think spinners should try all manner of fibers and then make their preferences, realizing that those preferences may change in time.

My preference is that I choose to avoid bamboo and tencel. I don’t like the way the yarn finishes up, as beautiful as it may be. I don’t like the way it spins up, the artificial nature of it messes with how the wool acts and I don’t care for that. It isn’t a problem of being difficult, though it takes getting used to, the problem is more how the fiber acts. It acts limp. I guess you could call it drapey, but I am going to call it limp.

(Please don’t let this stop you from trying it, try it, you might like it. Like some people enjoy eating chocolate covered locusts and all…just those some people aren’t me.)

In any case, I began spinning this braid yesterday morning as there is a nasty little noro virus going around, and I am not talking the yarn brand type, and poor Bug has been very ill. Her desire to sleep in my bed and be left alone equals coffee and spinning time on my porch.


I’d say it is going pretty well. For chocolate covered locusts, that is.

3 thoughts on “The Latest Fiber on the Wheel

  1. Have always felt bamboo and tencel yarns are limp and have never been tempted to spin those fibers. Thanks for the confirmation. What about spinning cotton? Hope the virus passes soon.

    • I am not yet a cotton spinner. I have cotton to spin, but haven’t gotten the courage to spin it. I have, however, spun cotton blends, with wool/flax/linen in them. I did rather enjoy those, though they were…lumpy.

      I just dubbed bamboo and tencel blends limp, and have just started my last bamboo blend in stash, and it is anything but limp! I would call it quite poofy. But, its downfall is that it is squeaky feeling. So still not a fan!

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