You know, I still haven’t had all that much time to play with my newest cool toys. But, every once in awhile when I have a free moment I get a bit more shetland wool locks combed. I’ve tried two different ways. One being to comb the wool, pull it off the combs into something called a plank, then to basically recomb the planks. This seems to blend the fibers quite a bit. But, there’s about double the amount of waste, and it takes some extra time. The other way I tried was just to comb the wool until the nepps were gone, the VM gone, and the fibers were all lined up nicely. Less waste this way, but I certainly had less well blended wool.

As you may remember, the shetland locks are grey with brown tips. The second combing version makes combed wool that starts out brown, and moves into a light grey. It is quite interesting. But I like it, and that is what I will continue to do with this one. I also found that spinning those sections of wool from the cut end, in this case the grey end, works just as well as spinning from the cut end of a flicked lock.

As I mentioned, I’ve been moving slow on these. Just combing a section when I get a chance, then spinning it. Slow going, I know. But I am enjoying the process and figured I’d give you a preview.


I do think natural colored wools are the most beautiful. I realize that I am all about colors, and love deep and saturated hues. But there is something distinctly special and elegant about natural colors to me. So I am, of course, drawn to this shetland.

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