Do you ever have one of those days where you are just moody and tired and no particular fiber or project appeals to you new or old?

That’s my day today. I don’t want to knit, I don’t want to spin what I’ve started, I am exhausted and not quite sure what to do with myself.

I did bike last night though. Unfortunately, a clear radar turned into a nice big storm, soaking me through and causing a much shorter ride than anticipated. Biking would probably be about the only thing that could kick me into a better mood tonight too, but that is unlikely to happen I think.

So, instead, I figure I can get a blog post in. Once I finished up the chameleon colorworks merino, I had trouble choosing my next braid. The conversation with myself, as I was digging through my fiber stash was rather comedic. “This? Nah, How about this? Nope, do not want. And this one? This one is pretty. Nope, not feelin’ it. And this? So not the kind of spinning I want to do right now.” Comedic and a bit irritating, as my stash is certainly large enough to handle any whim. Well, I found my Cloudlover braid, colorway Printemps. I purchased this in a fiber stash acquisition melding of the minds with KnittingSarah. (You can see the fiber she purchased from Dyeabolical all spun up here, all gorgeous and bouncy and spun up!) So I decided it was time to break out of the rut that is my fiber stash and see how the Cloudlover spun. This one headed to my support spindles, and since I’ve been seeing a ton of fractal spins lately, I decided I’d be more organized than usual and do a fractal 2 ply as well.

20130531-144729.jpg 20130531-191641.jpg


And we have the very beginnings of a project. Which I have no intention of working on this evening.


4 thoughts on “Moody

  1. I love the colors — you have a blend with silk, right? How are you liking it so far? And if it makes you feel better I am kinda ‘meh’ on my current braid, buried in miles of fingering weight stockinette, and I made the biggest knot in the history of knots with my very nice new skein of yarn today. What a day!

    • Yep, 40 merino, 40 superwash merino, 20 silk. As I’d been tossing the stash, I had been thinking I didn’t feel like spinning silk content. And tossing aside everything that had silk. But then I just had to do this one.

      Tonight I ended up working on a batt from my jacob fleece. Because it is insanely easy to spin and spin fast. I really needed that kind of ease of use.

      Well, at least the mojo has left us both, since misery loves company. Hopefully it will be back tomorrow!

    • I should be better at posting them myself, but at least I was able to get you somewhere that had it posted! It has been one of my favorite ways to spin color.

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