Gorgeous Curly Locks

Yeah I get it. My posting this weekend has been pretty low. I just haven’t had it in me. I must admit, I looked back on the weekend and felt like I really didn’t get much done. I think this is incorrect actually, I did get quite a bit done, but between the bike ride this morning and project monogamy in spinning, I didn’t really feel all that inspired to blog. Oh, and it was cold and rainy again, which just saps all my energy.

I could call the cold and rain my fault. You see, I’ve had a basket of raw fleece sitting on my living room floor for about a month. Every once in awhile I’d get a whiff of that raw fleece smell. After a month of that, I can honestly say it gets old. But it rained and rained and I was busy and every time I had time to wash the fleece it was raining outside.

Saturday morning dawned with no rain predicted. so I washed that fleece! And as soon as I was done, it started raining. OF COURSE!

Thankfully today has been a dry day and I was able to get the fleece outside and drying.


This is some of it in an unwashed state.



And the fleece all sorted and washed. You can see that some parts were curlier than others, I tried to group them when sorting so I could use them for different types of projects.

Hopefully I can be a slight bit more productive this week and get a few blog posts up.

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