Phat Singles

I keep thinking about my Ashford Kiwi. How I don’t like how it spins at this point, how I want to refinish it, and how I want to make it spin better. Well, I just don’t think time will allow me to take it all apart and finish/paint it at this point. Not yet. But the more I thought about it, the more I thought that perhaps just replacing the drive band would get it to a point where I was ready to spin it. So, I did just that.

I’d heard that replacing the drive band with plain kitchen cotton often works quite well for a kiwi. I figured it was worth a try, as I wasn’t pleased with the current drive band. I had Bug give me a hand with the knot, as it was the only way to get it tight enough, but after that, she spun so much better!

So, I decided to actually use her. I pulled out a braid of merino, and decided to spin some fat singles. Sure enough, I can produce lovely fat singles on the kiwi and I don’t have to empty the Rose of its large jacob fleece project. Kinda nice having two working wheels!


3 thoughts on “Phat Singles

  1. About a year ago a friend (my high school band director’s wife believe it or not) decided to sell her Ashford Traditional wheel for a great price. I was sorely tempted by it – I knew it was in excellent shape and some day I would love to add a traditional style wheel to my tools, but sadly this was not the right time for me. So neat to see you getting use from more than one wheel though – it makes me feel less crazy for my impulse to someday have another wheel!

    • Not crazy at all! I, too, would love a traditional of some sort, the Schacht Reeves wheel has been calling my name for some time. The Kiwi though, was my original wheel. The first wheel I owned, the wheel I learned to spin on. I bought it used, sold it to a local friend who sold it to another local friend. Both of those friends ended up with Majacraft Roses like mine as their second wheels. When the Kiwi came back on the market, I decided I should have it back, specifically with the hopes to someday use it as a teaching wheel. It needs a bit of work, there is much I’d love to do to it. However, just having a wheel for things like plying or singles is really rather fantastic!

      • The woman selling the Ashford was doing so because she had a Reeves. 😉

        I have heard such wonderful things about both Schacht and Majacraft wheels. When looking I tried a Kiwi, but ended up going with a Lendrum. I have a messed up hip, so comfort and a wheel I could grow into were my big requirements. The Lendrum was like coming home – I do really love it. I got extra bobbins for it at the end of last year, so I would be able to change up projects if I really want to. So far, so good. 🙂 I think in about 20years when my kids get homes of their own I will have room for my traditional. 🙂

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