Phat Singles Complete

On Tuesday evening I hung out with Bug and a friend of hers who will be leaving our circle soon. The kids and I made dinner, ate dinner, went out for ice cream, hung out at the house, and then they went to the neighbors to jump on a trampoline. I sat on the porch and finished up my phat singles on the kiwi. It went very well.

I have 215 yards of singles, in a merino. It was a merino braid that has sat in stash for long enough and I am pretty happy to be able to get it spun up.



This actually turned out a bit better than I expected honestly. Between running the kiwi for the first time with a new driveband and making singles, which is a bit of a challenge itself, I wasn’t expecting too much. This did exceed my expectations.

Of course, I immediately put something new on the kiwi. I decided to attempt to teach myself coreless corespinning. It was NOT a great decision for that wheel. It really was not. The hooks catch all the interesting fiber in the batt that I am trying to spin and it gets totally and completely and frustratingly stuck. I may finish out the bobbin I’ve got on there now and then do the rest on the Rose.

4 thoughts on “Phat Singles Complete

  1. Coreless core spinning sounds like an impossible thing to me. Perhaps it’s because impossible things can only be believed before breakfast.

  2. Great job on the phat singles, they look lovely. Glad to hear a new drive band seems to have helped the kiwi, I have been looking into getting a travel friendly wheel at some point and have considered the kiwi, what are your thoughts on the wheel as a whole? Can’t wait to see the photos on the coreless core spinning.

    • Personally I’d not go for a kiwi. It is great as a little starter wheel. However, you are quickly becoming an accomplished spinner and the very few options available for ratios on the kiwi, along with all its quirks, will quickly annoy you. I say this because they annoy me! From your pictures, I think you have a traditional style wheel. I think I’d suggest looking into a ladybug or a lendrum castle style wheel maybe? All of the majacraft options are wonderful as well, almost everyone I know has a Rose, but that is on the pricey side for second wheel.

      • Thanks for the advice, it’s good to know that the Kiwi might not be the best option. I do have a traditional wheel as of now, I think you are right with the castle design. I will have to check those out and see what I can like. Thanks again!

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