Jacob Fleece Gradient

It has been now 2 yrs since I picked up my Jacob fleece at the IA Sheep and Wool festival. The reason I know this is because the festival was this weekend, and while I skipped it, I was reflecting on it over the weekend as I spun batts from that jacob fleece.

It wasn’t a great fleece. It was cheap. It had a ton of burrs. It was dirty. Lots of VM. I got sick of it, once I started sorting it, and didn’t want to drum card it. So I separated out the colors, then threw it on the drum carder without flick carding. Because I just didn’t care that much anymore.

And I ended up with big fluffy wonderful batts, despite the fact that I really didn’t take the appropriate amount of care with it. Now I am on to the spinning portion of the project. While it is still a dirty spin, the VM falls out as I spin and I am picking nepps out of the wool here and there, it also spins quickly and I am enjoying the resulting yarn. I just make sure I spin outdoors!

I have just finished the remainder of the darkest wool, spun into a gradient yarn. I am not sure of my yardage, I didn’t count. However, I love that I will now be moving on to the lighter colors. Since I’ve got a ton of light grey to spin now, it might be awhile before I get to any plying again.


4 thoughts on “Jacob Fleece Gradient

  1. They really are pretty little things, aren’t they? This fleece I actually purchased from the vendor I warned you away from. It really isn’t much good in terms of fleece, but I was new to it and just HAD to have a jacob. It is nice to be a few years in with the ability to be a bit more choosy.

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