On a Monday Evening

All day long yesterday at work I looked forward to plying my cloudlover singles. I finished them up Sunday evening and I couldn’t wait to get home to ply.

And then….when it was time to ply, I decided instead to work on combing my shetland wool. I actually finished it up and then worked a bit longer on the spinning of it.



I really am not sure what I will do with this. Leave it as a single? Ply? This is clearly yarn just for the sake of making yarn. Experimentation.

So after that was done, I figured I’d put Bug to bed, and THEN I’d ply the cloudlover singles.

That didn’t happen either. I seem to have a desire to knit lately. It is so unusual for me right now, that I am afraid to look at it too closely, lest it disappear again.  I knit on my Muji Painting cowl, and no plying was done. We will see about tonight.

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