This Beast is Beautiful

The plying project which took me over a week is finally done. It was a beast. Or my attitude toward it was beastly. I haven’t spun such thin singles for a 2 ply in awhile, and the plying took a long time. It also got hot out, so I desired to sit outside with the project less and less. Then there was the camping trip, and the fact that I lost a spindle full of singles entirely.

Even today it didn’t all go smoothly. I thought I divided my yarn evenly for a fractal spun yarn, but apparently I did not. Next time I will weigh them before spinning. I ended up with quite a plying bracelet full of singles to add on to the end of what I’d plied originally.



But, I did finish and with the weather so warm and sunny, the skein dried fast as well. 586 yards of laceweight 2 ply yarn.

20130622-164102.jpg 20130622-164056.jpg

One thought on “This Beast is Beautiful

  1. I have no idea what a plying bracelet is, but it seems like the kind of thing I should figure out someday… Love the yarn — it’s gorgeous. I deem it ‘worth the trouble.’ 😉

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