Surprise Storm!

I’ve been so bad about my hobbies. In the sense that the biking hobby has picked up in a major way and I’ve little desire to knit or spin. I always struggle with balance.

Bug got quite sick over the weekend. I had to pick her up from school on Friday around 9:30 am. You’d think with the extra time I’d have gotten some crafting done, but I did not. Saturday night she gave us quite a scare, necessitating a rush trip to the urgent care clinic. Thankfully she’s doing ok now, but I was worried she wouldn’t be able to handle school yet, so we stayed home today.

She’s subdued, but she’s playing, rather than laying in bed and sleeping and dealing with the pain of a virus that hit her gut so hard that she couldn’t get any rest or freedom from the pain for 3 days. (I think that Zofran is a miracle drug now, it took a very sick dehydrated kid who was in so much pain her blood pressure was elevated to a kid who was perkier and willing to drink liquids and able to keep them in her system.)

But the surprise of the day was a freak storm that pretty much came out of nowhere. Bug had been sitting on the porch with her doll, and I’d hopped in the shower for a quick moment. I got out of the shower, and Bug was coming inside in a bit of a panic. I stood at the door and watched the tree across the street just disintegrate before my eyes. Branch after branch after branch came tumbling out of that tree and landing so close to my car! They hit our power lines coming down and we had flickering lights, but thankfully nothing hit my car, nor did a power line fall.

Once the storm stopped, I went outside to see some of the damage. It was a pretty wild storm, and really wreaked havoc on my neighborhood, as well as the rest of the city. There are many who are without power, but I am seeing power trucks and hearing chainsaws all over the neighborhood, so clearly the city is on top of it.

This is a picture of the initial tumble of branches during the storm.



Once I got outside, I saw that not only was my road completely blocked, the alley across from me was as well, with branches hanging off power lines. There were also lines down, and power poles knocked sideways.



Another shot from my driveway looking down the street,



And then there’s a tree out back in a neighbors yard that we’ve been worrying about falling on our house for years. Thankfully, it was the other side of the tree that went. That was a very loud crack and bang during the storm.

20130624-142111.jpg 20130624-142106.jpg


I think in the end we were pretty lucky. Again, these storms happen so fast, sometimes with so little warning. I suppose that’s our major excitement this week!

2 thoughts on “Surprise Storm!

  1. Glad to hear you all are safe and that your little one is on the mend. Summer storms are some of the worst,maybe because they can come on so fast? I feel like with winter you get some warning at least. Again glad to hear the damage seemed restricted to material things.

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