Tour de Fleece Day 1

I am spinning for team Loop. Which means that for this event I am only spinning loop fiber. This is actually a good thing, because at one point, upon discovery of Loop, I went a little overboard. Now I get to play with all that fiber throughout this event and hopefully have something to show for it.

There will, of course, be both wheel spinning and spindle spinning. I pulled out the bumps I will put on my wheel last evening in preparation for today. I am doing a bump and a coordinate, in a 2 ply. I am hoping to not default to totally thin yarn, instead making thicker singles. We will see how that goes.



The bump I am going to spin on my spindles first is something I’ve already started. It is a pastel bump that I do not adore, and I am hoping that spinning it will help me appreciate it better. If not, then I’ve spun it and can move on to something I like better. I didn’t grab a picture of that, will have to do so tomorrow.

If you are spinning for Tour de Fleece, let me know because I’d love to watch your progress! I know a couple of you are, but feel free to comment about the tour, and your team, so I can keep an eye out for you!

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