Day #2 Tour de Fleece

On day #1 of Tour de Fleece, I did manage to find some time to do some wheel spinning. I started my Autumn Lake bump. It wasn’t much, but it was a start.


The main project worked on for day #2 was my wheel spinning. I’d not yet moved into the second color when I finished Day #1. I woke up quite early, was on my porch spinning with coffee before 7 am, and an hour in, I’d moved into the second color.


When I finally quit at the wheel, I had almost a bobbin full of singles.


I feel really good about the progress so far. But, then my progress had to stop so I could feed Bug and send her off to camp.


(This is what she looks like when you make her pesto and she is convinced you put hot peppers in it. There were no hot peppers in it.)

Once she was off to camp, my evening was spent taking a couple women on a bike ride longer than they’d ever done before. These women are predominately runners, and had never done more than 20 miles on the bike. We shot for 30 miles. On an absolutely stunning, fairly cool for the summer evening. We ended up with 34 miles. And we had the opportunity to enjoy a stunning sunset.

I may just have to start a new Loop bump for Monday and keep it at work. All spinning, all the time.