TdF Day #3 update

Well, yesterday was somewhat less productive than the weekend, but I suppose that is to be expected. I managed to do a little spindle spinning on the pastel colored loop bump, I am almost done with my third spindle full.


Then I decided to make sure I had some spindle spinning at work for the tour. I took a loop bump I had in stash, a spindle, and an extra bowl.

20130702-132638.jpg 20130702-132632.jpg

I found out something quite sad about this bump. I purchased it off a destash. It is terribly felted. This is not going to be the most fun spin, that’s for sure! I have had the intention to ply this bump with some silk I have yet to spin. ¬†We will see how things are coming along toward the end of the tour.

I’ve been enjoying the updates of all the participating spinners. I enjoy that the tour gives us something to focus on for a time.