No Discernible Progress

There has been spinning on day 4. There hasn’t been enough spinning or changes to post. So, I figured I’d get something else out of the way. You see, last weekend I had the time to finish and block a scarf. I used a handspun 3 ply I finished recently. I couldn’t get over the colors and wanted something that would show them off, but would be small enough to use my entire skein.

I chose a pattern called Maluka. It has an interesting construction. First the border is knit, then the border stitches picked up. The stockinette portion is created using short rows. It was a simple pattern, but it was also one with enough interest to keep me happy. On top of all that, my handspun this time was just about perfect. So beautifully balanced of a 3 ply that those stockinette stitches just defined themselves in nice neat and tidy lines. I loved it!

20130630-083513.jpg 20130630-083508.jpg



One more thing I love about knitting is that sometimes a particular project, worked on in a particular place, ends up holding a special place in your heart simply for holding a particular memory. This shawl I worked on during our camping trip when I had a spare moment. It should technically smell of wood smoke, and it does in my imagination. What project holds a special place in your heart for you, and why?