Tour Updates

So, since it is a weekend, I have a little more time to devote to my tour spinning. I’ve been surprisingly uninspired about it actually, and keep choosing gardening over spinning, which is certainly a bit odd. Nonetheless, I am enjoying making progress.

First up, I’ll show off my pastel spindle spin progress. I finished another spindle full, wound that off, and started on the fourth.



It is going fairly smoothly indeed.

I would have shown you how I moved into the next color on the bump I have at work, but managed to leave my phone at home on Friday and then remembered I’d need it in order to actually take a picture. That will have to wait.

Then there is the larger, over 10 oz project, the Autumn Lake and Autumn Lake Coordinate. This morning I had almost a full bobbin.



I wasn’t quite sure how much of the 5 oz. I would get on a 4 oz. bobbin, imagine my surprise when it all fit!



So, of course, I started the second bump right away. This one I saved because the color runs are shorter and I think that will add interest.



While I have been doing a lot of spinning avoidance, I still think these are allĀ indicativeĀ of fantastic progress, and time devoted to it.

This was actually started at our local once a month knitting meet up. Today was a great day to be there, as we had friends, new and old, and much laughter, in a very busy shop. A great day out.