So, I’ve kept a garden for a few years now. I’ve always said that I don’t actually like gardening, but I like what gardening produces. I do not typically plant flowers, preferring my herbs and veggies. My general rule is do the bare minimum. Weeds take over, and I only week haphazardly if they are choking out my produce. I don’t mulch, I maybe feed once a year, all the typical smart gardening things I just can’t be bothered with.

Until this year. I do NOT know what got into me this year. However, I’ve been spending these vast amounts of time on my garden. There are flowers in there this year. I’ve mulched. I’ve weeded and weeded and weeded and then weeded some more. And what is more? I find myself actually enjoying the process. Rather than being irritable at having to do it, I sit there for long periods of time, obsessively pulling every weed out by the root. And sometimes taking a break and looking around the neighborhood. Sometimes just thinking. Sometimes listening to music. For the first time ever, the world of gardening actually feels like a quiet, comfortable, zen place to be. And I am loving it.

I still have mostly herbs and veggies. I still have some more weeding to do. But, my garden as of yesterday evening.

20130706-193555.jpg 20130706-193549.jpg


There are parts of this garden that were almost completely overgrown with weeds. Now I have a lovely place to weed and the job shouldn’t be nearly as big and overwhelming.

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